The long term success and the continuity of Treecon depends partly on our ability to continuously improve the quality of our products and services and in doing so to limit the impact on people and the environment as much as possible.

Treecon demands from its employees that they are actively involved and feel responsible for the quality of our work, safety, health and the environment. The management of Treecon has as leadership role in the communication and implementation of and assuring compliance with the HSEQ policy. We are committed to:

Protect our personnel and actively improve the health and safety of our employees;

Prevent HSE incidents;

Comply with applicable regulations and meet the client’s HSEQ requirements;

Set, measure and evaluate HSEQ goals and subsequently adjust these goals when required, by using an effective management system;

Plan for emergencies;

Actively reduce the impact on the environment by the reduction of emissions of harmful substances, the minimization of waste and saving energy consumption;

Utilize our knowledge and expertise in all HSEQ aspects of our products and services;

Openly communicate our HSEQ policy and performance with all stakeholders;

Improve our HSEQ performance on those aspects that are relevant for the stakeholders.

This policy will be assessed regularly to ensure the applicability of the HSEQ policy. Besides the items listed above we have the obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


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